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September 17 - 18th, 2020



For over 30 years, the NoteWorthy has been the annual meet-up for all the players in the Real Estate Note business. Whether you are a performing, nonperforming, owner financed, firsts, seconds, hard money lender, private lender, residential or commercial investor, this event is for you!

Join us for two days of intimate discussions about the note and real estate investing business. We want to empower you by providing you with the resources you are looking for to start, improve, or expand your business.

We are the Nations #1 Event in the Secondary Market for Paper, Real Estate & Alternative Investments. At the Summit you will learn and network with industry leaders, speakers, service providers and investors just like you that are in the trenches every day doing deals.

This event is NOT a pitch fest...

All the speakers have been vetted and hand selected based on their area of expertise and willingness to share their successes and failures. Real Case Studies will be shared that are current and relevant in today's market. We will have an awards ceremony to recognize people for their accomplishments and contributions to the industry.

There will be several Panels that will cover a wide array of topics and include plenty of time for your questions to be heard and answered. We invite you to check out the rest of the website and lookup some of the Speakers and Expert Vendors prior to attending the Summit so you may become more familiar and be best prepared to make the most out of your experience.

Also, please review the Venue and FAQ sections for important logistics information.

Special Announcement!

NOTES will be available for purchase live at the Summit.

The Trade Desk room will be open the entire Summit. Primarily residential and mixed status of NPLs, Performing, Sub, Partials and CFDs.

Single and bulk buys will be available!

"NoteWorthy Deal Board" - as an attendee you will have the opportunity to showcase and sell your assets.



The Comfort Of
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September 17 - 18, 2020

10am - 4pm EST


$24.99 General Admission

Here’s a peek at what you’ll get at the Virtual Convention

  • Are You a Magician or Mule For Your Business? Special Guest Speaker Mark Evans DM
  • ​Where To Find More Notes: Performing, Re-Performing & Non-Performing,
  • How to Broker Notes for Cash, Now
  • ​How to Quickly Analyze A Deal
  • ​What's Working Now for Raising Private Capital
  • ​Self-Directed IRA Investing and Strategies to Turbo-Charge them
  • ​State of the Note Union and Capital Markets Discussions
  • ​Scale Your Due Diligence Using Technology
  • ​How to do a Wrap Around Mortgage
  • ​How to Streamline the Note Buying Process
  • ​Workout and Asset Management Strategies and the Tools/Vendors/Software used
  • ​How to Stay SEC Compliant When Borrowing or Partnering With Others
  • ​Q&A Sessions With The Pros
  • ​Special Networking Sessions Designed to Help You Make Connections with the Right People
  • ​Access to All Recordings!

And Much, Much More!

Agenda Day 1

Magician Vs. Mule with Mark Evans DM
State of Note Industry with Kevin Shortle
Deal Analysis with Kevin Shortle
Sourcing, Compliance & Outlook with Matt Kelley
Raising Private Capital with Dan Zitofsky
Structuring Wrap Notes with Tracy Z Rewey
Scaling Due Diligence with JD Bates
Investing in Distressed 2nds with Sherman Arnowitz
Buying and Selling Notes Online with Rick Allen

Agenda Day 2

Owner Financing Strategies with Ben Fredricks
Leveraging Financial Services with Brent Kesler
SEC Compliance with Jason Powell, ESQ
Maximizing IRAs with Notes with Bob Malecki
Lease Option Opportunties with Chris Helland
Due Diligence Strategies with Patrick Franz
Advanced Self-Directed Strategies with Mat Sorensen
Thriving Through Covid with Bob Zachmeier

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Host, NoteWorthy


We’re still finalizing our full slate of speakers, but here’s just a sample of who’s already on board. Join these industry leaders as they speak at various presentations throughout the event! They come from various investing backgrounds and experience and will come with a wide array of thoughts and opinions.

Aaron Halderman
Host, NoteWorthy

Publisher, NoteWorthy Newsletter
Founder, IronSide Capital

Ben Fredricks
Co-Host, NoteWorthy


Mat Sorensen, Esq.

Kevin Shortle

Contributor, NoteWorthy Newsletter

Brent Kesler

Mark Evans DM
Best Selling Author

Rick Allen

Jason Powell, Esq.
Real Estate & SEC Attorney

JD Bates

Dan Zitofsky
Capital Raising Expert

Chris Helland
Lease Options

Tracy Z Rewey
Wrap Note Expert

Sherman Arnowitz

Sherman Arnowitz
Distressed 2nd Mortgages

Bob Zachmeier
Note Carry & Note Business Builder

Matt Kelley
Sourcing Opportunities

Bob Malecki
Max Your IRA With Notes


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